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Trust is the cornerstone of all customer experiences. Put it simply, customers will refuse to do business with a company they can’t trust.

Do you realize that work uniforms can also help your customers to trust you? We enumerated some of the ways uniforms inspire trust among your patrons and eventually turn them to repeat customers who will increase your business revenue.

The new customer will be unsure of many things- the way to get around your place of business or what items to buy from you. However, business owners who outfit employees in uniforms can change all of that.

Remember, first impressions are everything. Clean and professional-looking uniforms will have a critical effect on first-time customers. They’ll immediately be able to see exactly who they need to speak to when they enter your business, eliminating guesswork about where they should be going. This will instantly build their trust.

The uniform also allows customers to link your company and products, reminding them where you are so they can tell others about you.

Although you may not realize it, having a uniform can also help create a positive company image in how
your customers view your business.

Uniforms can inspire trust in your existing customers. The more times they interact with uniformed employees and have a positive experience, the more they’ll trust your company. 

Along with enjoying their visits to your business, having knowledgeable employees in uniform will also communicate to customers that your business is an industry authority-– a company they can highly regard, respect, and rely on. 

This will eventually encourage them to choose your services or buy your products above your competitors. All this can help you retain your existing customers while attracting new ones, helping to benefit your business further.

Outfitting your employees in company uniforms communicates that your employees work together as a team. A uniform can help emphasize the idea of a team and foster team spirit among your customers because all staff is dressed the same.

Studies have shown that customers trust uniformed employees more readily than non-uniformed employees. In being able to see this cohesiveness among your employees, your customer’s trust in you increases because they know that someone is always there to help guide them toward purchases, and be more visible during times of emergency.

 In giving an employee a uniform, you’re communicating that you trust them to represent your company and everything it stands for. Customers who see your trust in employees are inspired to trust them also.

For service businesses like garages or valet parking, a customer will feel far more trusting when employees in shop uniforms are the ones taking their vehicle keys.

Another way that uniforms increase customer comfort and build trust is via safety. Choosing flame-resistant uniforms for shop employees, for example, communicates that you care about their safety, thereby inspiring trust in your customers.

As discussed above, uniforms lead to happy and trusting customers. And ultimately, trust is what generates repeat customers.

According to research conducted by Harvard University, even a small number of repeat visits can have a drastic effect on revenue. Raising repeat visits by only 5% can increase revenue between 25% and 125%.

The following are ways repeat customers help you achieve your revenue goals:


Repeat Customers Save You Money


In general, it is far more expensive to attract new customers than it is to maintain a regular client base. It costs 6 times as much to acquire new customers as it does to keep existing ones. Through dedicated professionalism, it is possible to keep customers coming back again and again. Uniforms help create a unified sense of professionalism.


Repeat Customers Create Revenue


A customer who visits a business only one time has just under a 30% chance of coming back again, while a customer who has visited 3 times has a 64% chance of coming back, thus, resulting to increased business transactions. 


Repeat Customers Spend More


Repeat customers will spend up to 67% more than first-time customers. With every good purchase a customer makes from you, they will feel more and more comfortable making larger future purchases. Statistically, a customer’s 10th purchase is often 80% bigger than its first. 


Trust is much easier to achieve when the look of your company is consistent, approachable, and professional. Remember, your staff’s appearance is often a customer’s first impression of how you do business!

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