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We Provide

With Over 20 Years of Experience in Distributing Promotional Products & Branded Apparel

We Provide

With Over 20 Years of Experience in Distributing Promotional Products & Branded Apparel

About Us

Greco Promotions is not your typical promotional product distributor. We are your partner. We are an extension of your team.

We bring to your team over 20 years of combined experience in branding and marketing through promotional products, online company stores and branded apparel solutions.

We help build your brand and maximize your marketing ROI while helping you run your business more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

We are Greco Promotions. Your branding expert. Your marketing consultant. Your trusted business partner.

Online Company Stores
Fulfillment/ Distribution
Decorated Apparel


Sensory Marketing and Corporate Gifting.

There are countless theories about the proper approaches to effective marketing and appealing to customers, especially when establishing your brand identity. Often overlooked, sensory marketing could yield huge conversions and favorable response rates. So, what is...

What We Offer

Branded Merchandise

Build brand awareness, stay top of mind with prospects and attract interest in your new products or services with useful and relevant branded merchandise.

Branded merchandise is the only form of advertising that consumers love! It’s cost-effective and absolutely worth including in your marketing mix! Custom branded merchandise works!

Choose from wide categories of promotional products from A to Z. We got them all for you!

Uniforms & Apparel

Screen printed t-shirts. Embroidered polos. High-quality uniforms.

Whatever apparel you need for your team, we got you covered!

The uniform & apparel industry has revolutionized in the past years — thanks to ecommerce. And we discovered this early on.

So we’ve expanded our services to include high-quality, custom screen printing and embroidery business solutions to help you maintain a consistent branding across all your departments in every region while making ordering and reordering efficient for all of your employees.

Local & Global Fulfillment

Wherever you are in the US, we guarantee a seamless fulfillment process that will ensure a worry-free and timely delivery right to your doorstep.

With a stress-free fulfillment, you can focus on your marketing and business goals and let us do the rest for you.

Printing Services

From business cards, banners, direct mail pieces to annual reports we can make you stand out with professionally designed printed materials that are consistent with your branding.

With our high-quality printing services and quick turnaround time, we literally take the stress off your team so you can focus on your marketing or business goals.

Online Store Solutions

You want to control your spending and ensure consistent corporate branding while distributing promotional products and branded apparel to your employees and customers. We can do it for you.

Ordering and reordering branded merchandise doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming.

First, we’ll set up an online company store for you. Then, your employees and customers from around the globe will enjoy ordering and reordering you save time, reduce cost and maximize efficiency without the need for a physical inventory!

Awards & Recognition

Thinking about recognizing your top performers or motivating teamwork in your organization? We’re here to help you make it happen.

Employees who are appreciated are more engaged. They’re more productive and can contribute more to your company’s bottom line.

We provide a wide range of awards and recognition items that you can give away during team building activities and during employee recognition events.


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