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Branded merchandise, in every form, is an excellent way to not only empower your brand but also empower your company’s marketing strategy. 

When it comes to marketing, there are countless trending items you can showcase your brand with, all of which would fit any budget, style, and need.

5 ways branded merchandise can empower your company 


As a business looking to build more awareness, having branded merchandise is an effective way to showcase your company on a lower cost basis. By branding your employee’s shirts, hats, and promotional goods, you provide more exposure to your company’s name and logo. In addition, rather than investing large portions of your budget into billboards and other forms of digital and print advertising, you can buy bulk orders of wearable merchandise for everyone to wear wherever they go.

According to ASI, A pen that costs $1 will have a CPI of less than 1/10 of a cent per impression, and a Promo Polo that costs $10 will have a CPI of only 4/10 of a cent; per impression!


With an eye-catching company logo, you can create higher levels of recognition amongst potential customers, which can attract more attention to your company’s services. For example, a promotional item may be the first time your brand is visible to someone, which can be great for exposure, especially if it’s an item that can be frequently used, such as a pen, hat, or drinkware. For others, viewing your logo on a product their colleagues, friends, or family use could create a sense of familiarity and trust for the consumer when seen again.  

Builds Relationship

By providing branded merchandise to your customer base, you can help generate stronger customer loyalty. The consumer is likely to become more familiar with your brand, thus leading them to research more.. In other circumstances, you may have the unique ability to personally supply the consumer with the branded merchandise, thus creating the initial step towards building a relationship. In some cases, when someone receives a gift, they feel happy and need to reciprocate, which could lead to purchases or potential leads. 

Showcase Brand Personality

When it comes to choosing merchandise to brand the sky, it limits- I mean, when you think about it, possibilities genuinely are countless. The best start is to consider what you want the consumer to feel when they receive the product and your ultimate goal. Once you have figured this out, it’s time to be creative yet thoughtful in your choices, and you will be sure to maximize your investment.

Some of the great attributes you get when branding merchandise include;

  • Ability to stand out since you choose what you want to brand, you can have creative freedom to stand out and choose products unique and different from your competitors. Depending on your budget, you even have full customization on how you would like the product to look in some cases. 
  • Highlight your brands- This is the perfect opportunity to show consumers your brand’s personality, color palette, and voice. 

Continued Exposure 

Not only does branded merchandise produce an initial sense of fulfillment and value, on average, but the consumer is also likely to use the item more than once- especially if the thing is valuable. For example, according to ASI, on average, Promotional Writing Instruments generate 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to which promotional products to choose! However, to ensure maximum impressions and effectiveness, we suggest you select products widely owned by consumers, from writing instruments to shirts, drinkware, bags, headwear, and more. Remember, quality, utility, and make are why people keep promo items, so be creative yet thoughtful in your choices, and you will be sure to maximize your investment. For assistance, reach out today, and one of our representatives will guide you through the process. 

Let one of our Sales Associates help you. If you’re looking for suggestions to fit your budget, reach out anytime to [email protected]. One of our top marketing executives will respond right away with ideas, JUST FOR YOU!

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