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World Health Day is April 7th- Mark your calendar!

Since its inception in 1950, the World Health Organization (WHO) has honored April 7th as “World health Day.” WHO wanted to raise awareness and bring attention to  the importance of mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Each year over the past 70 years, there have been a variety of themes, to highlight important health issues to focus on awareness. This year’s World Health Day theme is Building ‘a Fairer, Healthier World’. 

The primary object of World Health is to inspire action to make conscious efforts to improve one’s own health; through wellness and gratitude, educate individuals on the disproportionate number of individuals suffering from illness or disease worldwide, and inspire active participation towards assisting in change. 

What are some things you can do to honor World Health Day? 

It’s been a crazy, challenging year for so many regarding health and well being.  Taking this good fortune for granted seems to be a theme most want to put in the past and engage in proactive, present lifestyles.

Engage in wholesome physical activities, i.e. cardio, weight training, biking, and well as mindful practices such as yoga or meditation for mental wellbeing. Also, we must be extra conscious to practice proper sanitation and prevention. The greatest measure is to educate yourself, be aware of inequality worldwide, practice gratitude, and help in ways we best can serve our community and help others. 

Take the time to commit. Promoting health and wellness in your home, office, and community is an excellent proactive step towards a better future. 

Whether you’re actively engaging in activities or encouraging others, make sure you’re prepared with the proper gear. To assist your health and wellness journey we have compiled a list of tools to help you gear up for the road ahead. 

The first step to health is to ensure you are properly protected, Start with a mask!

Face Mask with Adjustable Elastic Face Mask Straps

Sure, you could shoot someone out of a cannon. You could write your brand’s name in the sky. But when it comes to promoting your brand, give the people what they want! In today’s world, that’s stylish and comfortable PPE. And the Titan 3-Ply Dye-Sublimated Face Mask is the gold standard. The 3-ply Titan comes with fully adjustable straps and the option to add your own filter to the middle layer for extra protection. The soft breathable cotton underlayer keeps the skin cool and comfortable.

Here’s to You


There are people who have a special way of raising our spirits simply by being present. They stand up for others and do the right thing—not for fame or acclaim, but to be good friends, good neighbors, good people. This gift book is for them. With a combination of thoughtful quotes and statements, Here’s to You is a heartfelt way to recognize someone amazing.

Branded Promo Skipping Rope

When it comes to health, cardio is excellent, especially skipping rope. Our Skipping Ropes are used in Gyms all over the world and can be found in many retail stores. Our premium Skipping Ropes are athlete ready. Choice of color for the rope and handle (can PMS match). These ropes are perfect for loaders in bars, POS and giveaways. This is ideal for high-end activations and using the Skipping Rope in action. Show your commitment to fitness and health by letting a custom branded jump rope display your logo.

Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

Water is the lifeline for health, especially after vigorous activity. Ulla – the world’s first hydration reminder bottle attachment! Drink 3-times more water, get healthier, have more energy and avoid headaches with Ulla – your personal hydration coach. Ulla can be mounted on water bottles of all sizes and materials. It can also be attached to any standard glass or mug.

Apple Watch® Nike+ Series 3 (GPS) 38 Mm Watch w/Space Gray Case & Black Nike Sport Band

The best results are those that are tracked and managed, that’s why we highly recommend a wearable sport watch! Two of the world’s most innovative brands have taken their long-running partnership even further. With all the powerful features of Series 3, Apple Watch® Nike+ now lets you train with in-ear coaching, stream your favorite songs, and receive notifications-even when you don’t have your phone. The perfect running partner just got better.

Branded Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Now you have focused on physical health and sanitation, don’t forget to feed your mind and soul! Yoga is an excellent wellness practice, and our Yoga Mats are used in studios all over the world! Our Branded Yoga Mats are made out of high grade and soft microfibers. Front and back of mat is fully customizable. These Mats are perfect for loaders in bars, POS and giveaways. This is ideal for high-end activations and using the Mats in action. With our custom designed yoga mats, you can reach your branding goals with ease. 

These are just some of the ideas available. We would be thrilled to provide information on these or any of our inventory items to help you, your team, or community gear up for World Health Day. 

If you’re looking for suggestions to fit your budget reach out anytime to [email protected]. One of our top marketing executives will respond right away with ideas JUST FOR YOU!

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