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American businesses are beginning to consider returning to work.  But as much as we all want to return to business as usual, life around the world will never be the same as it was, until such time a vaccine against this deadly disease is discovered.

We do not expect to go back to our typical operation and interactions in the workplace prior to the pandemic — as there will be changes, or rather, there will be a new normal.

The corona virus is spreading quickly around the globe, and its threat has fast-tracked business transformation, remote working practices, and in many cases, has forced business owners to rapidly rethink their operations and services to stay afloat because the economy has been massively disrupted. 

But now, lock downs are slowly being eased, and with the loosening of restrictions on travel and non-essential employees being allowed to return to work, many business owners are contemplating reopening their businesses but they are concerned of their employee safety as well.

Business owners are starting to think now about the different ways increased distance and cleanliness can be implemented with as little disruption to workflow as possible. 

If you are one of those business owners, you need to be proactive in mitigating the risk of exposing your employees to infection and creating a second wave of COVID-19 cases as much as possible. You need to impose practices and policies that put employee safety first.

Once workplaces resume or expand operations, regardless of which employees return to work and how often, you’ll want to develop and be prepared to enforce social distancing plans and other preventive measures.

Should you make any physical modifications to the workplace? say, for example, repositioning desks, creating additional space between cubicles, or closing conference rooms.

You can also take this opportunity to stock up on protective supplies, such as masks, personal hygiene, and cleaning supplies. It also pays to ensure you’re updated with the most current Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for the workplace.

There are common-sense practices we’re applying to our personal lives that can easily translate to an office environment. As we have been amply educated on how the virus spread through contact and respiratory droplets, we can use this knowledge to outline office policies and practices that can help mitigate risk in the workplace.

Maintaining social distance, regularly cleaning hands and surfaces, creating physical barriers, and other practices in the workplace can help mitigate risk and keep your staff safe. The following are items that can help you in navigating the new normal:

We cannot overemphasize the importance of wearing this gear as we go outside our homes.

Coronavirus was likened to a fire ravaging our cities and towns that is spread by infected people breathing out invisible embers every time they speak, cough, or sneeze. And because these embers are invisible, many others will catch fire and in turn breathe out embers to the rest of us. And eventually, we get sick. That’s when we call in the firefighters—our medical frontliners. But firefighters also need all that PPEspecial heat-resistant suits and gloves, helmets, and oxygen tanks so they can keep breathing in the fire.

If we could just keep the “invisible embers” from spreading out every time we speak or cough or sneeze, fewer people would catch fire. Masks help us do that.

And because we cannot detect instantly who’s already infected, the only solution is for everyone to wear masks. My mask protects you and your masks protect me. Ultimately, our firefighters (medical frontliners) would no longer be overwhelmed.


Throughout any given workday, employees use their hands to type on their computers, shake hands with a new client, open doors, and much more. All of these activities expose hands to harmful germs and bacteria.

Regular and proper hand hygiene compliance can reduce the risk of exposing your employees to COVID 19. Make sure you have ample stock of sanitizers before your office reopens!


Some forms of bacteria are particularly resilient and can survive on many different surfaces for weeks. These can include worktops, door handles and yes you guessed it even pens. Your favorite pen is no exception. 

An antibacterial pen suppresses the growth and survival of bacteria on its surface. Thus, preventing contamination been passed on from person to person.


It will be normal for people to forget about social distancing from time to time. Remind them of the importance of maintaining distance with these circle-shaped decals, which work on a variety of surfaces- even carpet.


With the threat COVID-19 brings, essential retail businesses must ensure safe person-to-person interactions. Glass shield solutions, also known as sneeze guards, accomplish this.

With the stay-at-home directives starting to be lifted, we have the chance now to be proactive rather than reactive.

We, at Greco Promotions, can help you start planning for the impending return to work so you can do your part in creating safe spaces as your business reopens. Supplies are limited. Hurry and contact us today!

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