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The warm sun embraces your skin as the sound of waves crash to the coast, your toes dig deep into the sand. Hints of sunscreen mix with the ocean, creating a tropical mist that caresses your senses and touches your soul. Oh, the magnificence of those beachy vibes! What a wonderful place. Umbrellas sprinkled to and fro, towels laid amongst the sandy shore, beach chairs decorate the shoreline, and thousands of strangers dispersed yet connected by one common theme, the beach. 

Think about it; you’re standing amidst the sand, floating in a melting pot of folks, people coming and going, and passing by your space. What better place to showcase your identity and brand? From a marketing perspective, that’s thousands of impressions, a wide variety.

So how do you create this branded beach experience? Be subtle; brand the beach essentials—Conspicuous yet influential.  Think about it, you bring these items anyway, why not throw your logo or brand colors on it and get your brand identity seen.  



To make it easy we compiled 6 fully customizable items, ready to make a beach impression! 

 We’ve got a practically unlimited Sunscreen selection to help your brand enjoy fun in the sun! That includes 1 Oz. SPF30 Sunscreen Squeeze Tube slim tube Broad Spectrum Formula protects against UVA and UVB rays. 

It goes without saying a beach blanket is a must. This Blanket and Pillow folds nicely into a compact pouch for easy storage and contains a carabiner clip for convenient transportation. The external pouch pocket turns into a hidden compartment that can keep valuables hidden in the blanket while enjoying the water! The blanket comes with a 13″x9.5″ pillow which folds up along with the blanket into the zippered pouch.  

Seen from above, down below,and far away an Umbrella  is an excellent addition to your beach gear. With a 78″ vented tilting arc with white trim and silver lined under canopy fabric for UPF50 UV protection, the innovative design of our Trio Beach/Patio/P.O.P. Umbrella works on so many levels. 8 printable panels and valances.  

Beach Chairs are another excellent brandable beach item. This Backpack chair with lace up suspension Lightweight powder coated steel frame with 600d seat Luxurious wood arm rests adjusts to 4 positions Padded straps with rear pocket and cup holder 250lb weight capacity Individually boxed.

Beat the heat and grab a hat, but don’t forget to add a logo! Lets say a hat that costs $10 will have a CPI of only 3/10 of a cent per impression. On average headwear generates 3400 impressions throughout their lifetime. Best headwear for the beach, a Bucket Hat. This UV Sun Protection Fisherman Bucket Hat is lightweight, comfortable, perfect fit, especially for daily activities under sunlight, Fine cotton fabric protects sensitive scalp from Ultraviolet.  

As you can see, Branding and the beach just makes sense. Don’t believe us? Explore all of our Summer Essentials, Sunscreen, Beach Blanket, Umbrell’s, Beach Chairs, Hats, and more, all ready to be customized with your logo!

Let one of our Sales Associates help you. If you’re looking for suggestions to fit your budget, reach out anytime to [email protected]. One of our top marketing executives will respond right away with ideas JUST FOR YOU!

In the meantime, check out our website  https://www.grecopromotions.com and make sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for the latest trends!



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