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Do not underestimate the power of company swag at a time like this.

Any employee or customer would agree that there are few things as exciting as FREE STUFF – especially when it is functional or and good quality. When employees or customers are given swag they feel like they are being valued. That feeling of being valued is a crucial key to generating loyalty. 

Notably, people hold onto swag they receive, often for many years after they get it. Thus, your brand will reach much further and for much longer than any television ad or billboard.

However, it is also a fact that not all swag is created equal. Not every piece of company swag out there is going to get the receiver pumped up and excited to the same level.

Certainly, the goal behind distributing branded merchandise is to get your company’s name out there. But to make sure you hit the target, the promotional products should be what the recipients will actually want to use. When you’re selective and thoughtful with where you place your brand, it’s going to pay dividends.

So, are you wondering what will they be most excited about?

Read on to get some great ideas!

Wellness and Protection Kits

Want to help keep your employees and customers safe and healthy and provide them some stress relief? Then they’ll surely appreciate the following: 


Work From Home Kit 

Wellness and Safety are important, and equally important is the work to be done. This kit is the perfect option for helping your team be more productive at home.

Home Fitness Kit 

Keeping yourself fit to increase your immunity against COVID cannot be overstated. Staying at home should not lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Send this kit to your employees and customers to help them keep fit and moving.


Cookware Kit

Put your logo in the most popular room in the house- the kitchen! From aprons, utensils to baking tools, and measuring cups, we can all appreciate handy kitchen and home promotional items.


Relax and Chill Kit

Ok, work, mealtime, safety, and exercise are all covered. Now it is time to relax and have fun. You may gift this kit to your remote employees as you enjoy a virtual happy hour after a long tiring day.

Wrapping Up

Above are just a few ideas on how you can use swag to connect with your employees and customers, but really the sky’s the limit. Send Swag that will be remembered. You don’t want to send something that will end up in a junk drawer or, worse, in the trash. Wisely choose an item that the recipient will love.

Fortunately, Greco Promotions can help you send appreciation to your employees and customers. You can create your own swag kit with almost any of the products available on our site. Any product that you see on our site can be packaged and shipped to your remote employees and customers at homes, or wherever they may be. No need for you to do the packing and shipping because we will handle the rest. Just place your order, give us your mailing list for the items and we will do the rest.

Ready to get started?

Just reach out to us and one of our swag consultants would love to talk with you about your goals and provide some great suggestions to help your brand shine.

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