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Doctors all over the world are feeling overworked due to the increased risk of COVID-19 “Coronavirus”. This crisis of national survival led to a campaign called, “Stay Home: Save Lives”Many medical personnel are participating in the campaign, hoping that people will heed the warning to stay home. 

Thus, businesses of all sizes have started to get their employees to work from home. There are a lot of benefits that come from working at home during a crisis, such as you get to spend extended quality time with your family and you get to have some extra break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

However, though you are able to continue to do your job, home isn’t conducive to office working for some people. Well, good for those who are already working from home, as this is already their “normal”. But for some who just shifted, the homey ambiance may affect their productivity.

And that’s why we have prepared a list of useful company swag ideas for those working from home nowadays:


If you’ve got staff working from home and you want them to all be able to access the same core information (perhaps your product catalog, or price list) without having to rely on online resources (which can drop out or have poor signals especially with the demand for the internet now), then you definitely want to invest in bulk custom USB flash drives branded and pre-loaded with your important information.

Ensure all your staff is working with the right information in hand and instill a further sense of company loyalty by securing these affordable and useful promotional items. 

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Surely, your team would love to receive the best mouse when they are working from home.

This handy gift is just so functional, as it’s one of the most frequently used accessories whether one is using a PC or laptop. Even if you have a laptop with a touchpad, you still may agree that getting a mouse will make things more comfortable.

Since your staff can spend hours using their mouse when working from home, you need to make sure you’ll give something that’s comfortable to hold, as well as being fast and responsive.

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Every day people are using their mobile phones and devices. And more often than not, we are often faced with the daunting situation of running out of power, especially now that we’re dealing with state lockdowns.

When that happens, we will frantically try to find a power source to charge. Giving this practical tool could provide your staff with a sense of security in times of emergency. 

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 The promotional pen will always be a classic marketing item. It’s a must-have for trade shows, conferences, and more. But now is the time to fill our home “office” desks with such.

As you give one of these pens away, your team will be reminded of you and your business every time they use it.

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When you’re working from home it can be tough to focus which is why we highly recommend investing in some personalized noise-canceling headphones.

Wearing these headphones allows your team to work distraction-free and if you purchase one with a microphone element, they can also use them to Skype or Slack with you when meetings need to be held virtually.

If you’re a looking for how to make your employees’ time in isolation more comfortable, these headphones are bound to do the trick –– plus we can add your logo to each set!

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Even if we are working from home, we’re not completely away from dirt or germs. A lot of large businesses are buying 30ml Promotional Hand Sanitizers for their staff to keep beside the PC at home so they can regularly sanitize their hands.

Products like these are in high demand right now and even though they can’t guarantee you won’t contract an illness, they are an important way to guard against the possibility of infection.

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Need work-from-home company swag ideas tailored to the needs of your staff?

Contact GRECO PROMOTIONS today! We’ll have a set of recommended products just for you as well as pricing and branding information sent through.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now so you can maximize your team’s time at home while increasing your brand awareness.

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