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We now live in an age wherein businesses have seemingly unlimited channels or mediums to market themselves. There are Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Web Content, Commercials, Billboards, etc.

Like most marketers, you now don’t ask the question “What marketing method is right for my business?” but rather, “How much is it going to cost and how much will be the return of investment (ROI)?”

With diverse options now available, companies, especially those with a limited budget, are regularly challenged with deciding which marketing or advertising forms will deliver the most ROI. After all, you need to make sure that the marketing tactics you’re investing in are indeed helping your company reach its revenue goals, right?

While promotional products are often compared against the latest forms of marketing it has been found that when it comes to the best return of investment, promotional products actually deliver and still rule over them all!

Be it tradeshows, networking events, or conventions, companies always come with branded promotional products, hoping to leave impressions on the hundreds or thousands of people they will encounter. A lot of marketers question if promo products can really make an impact when we already have marketing automation, digital advertising, artificial intelligence, and other high-tech means to get in front of consumers.

According to a 2019 study, promo products are still one of the most cost-effective and high-impact advertising vehicles despite the digital trends in marketing.

Annually, the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) publishes its Global Ad Impressions Study, a report that explores the effectivity of promotional products as a marketing medium. The following highlights from the 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study prove that promotional products still rule as the most effective marketing tactic ever.

Promotional Products Have Incredible Staying Power

Most forms of advertising are seen by people for only a couple of seconds, or maybe even a couple of minutes if it’s a really commercial or billboard advertisement.

ASI data have proven the average length of time a consumer keeps a promotional product is about one year or more. They’re being used on a daily basis at home, school, work, on the field, or while traveling. The kinds of products that stick around the longest are outerwearumbrellas, and T-shirts.

People keep promo items because of utility and quality. If your promo item can solve a problem or make things a lot easier for the recipients, they will definitely be kept for longer. However, even if promo products are useful, if they are cheap looking and has low quality, then they will just end up in the trash soon. 

While others are motivated to keep promo products because it’s fun or trendy, the fun can wear off quickly, and trends can come and go sooner than you think. Thus, usefulness and quality are still the most effective features determining how long the promos will be kept.

Promotional Items have the lowest cost-per-impression

While others are motivated to keep promo products because it’s fun or trendy, the fun can wear off quickly, and trends can come and go sooner than you think. Thus, usefulness and quality are still the most effective features determining how long the promos will be kept.

A good promotional item that is used by anyone regularly has the potential to receive thousands of impressions for a long period of time. While other forms of advertising can also generate thousands of impressions, the cost of generating those impressions is what makes promo products a better option. 

Promotional items remain one of the least expensive but effective advertising tools any marketer can utilize.

The cost per impression (CPI) of promotional products can be as low as 1/10 of one cent while the average cost per one thousand impressions on a Facebook or Instagram ad is around $10.

No other form of advertising can claim a cost per impression that low.

Over the years, the cost per impression of promo products has always been lower than nearly any other advertising medium. Thus, it has also been a great choice for modest businesses lacking large advertising budgets. Since consumers keep promo items at an average of a year or longer, the impression is not only made on the user or the receiver of the item but also reaches the people they interact with from time to time.

You’d love to see this article entitled “Impressions Matter: The Power of Promotional Products” to learn more about the power of promo items to produce lasting impressions.

Promotional items were ranked as the most highly regarded form of advertising

In the recent ASI study, participants were asked to rank seven different forms of advertising from best to worst, and promotional products came out as the most highly regarded form of advertising.

It was also found that consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to other forms of advertising including online advertisements. This is because promotional products have the capacity to add value and delight to the lives of recipients.

Promotional items: the gift that keeps on giving

 Why promo items still rule in terms of ROI? Because more people pass them on than throw them away. This simply means that you can extend your advertising reach for months or even years with no additional investment.

According to ASI study, when recipients have used the promo item, more than half of them will likely give the item to someone else. That never-ending chain allows for endless impressions to recall a brand and its message.

The most often type of item given to another consumer are outerwear and polo shirts (68%)followed by T-shirts (65%)bags (61%) and mobile power banks. 

If your promotional items can achieve the trifecta of being high-quality, useful, and attractive, you’ll easily generate the ROI you’re looking for.

Now that you know how promotional products can still bring the highest ROI in the new decade, consult with an expert. 

Greco Promotions is not your typical promotional product distributor. We offer over 20 years of experience and expertise in branding and marketing through promotional products and a lot more. We help you run your business more efficiently and more cost-effectively by building your brand and maximizing your marketing ROI.

So if your brand has been struggling with a clever marketing campaign, or you’re just unsatisfied with the results you’re getting from traditional print and broadcast medium or even the modern online ads, then give chance to promotional products which can help you generate the ROI you’ve been waiting for a long time. 

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