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No caps, no gowns? no problem!

Graduation. Everybody knows it’s one of life’s major milestones. High school graduation and college graduation are amongst the most significant events we’re blessed to experience. Years of hard work for both the student and the parent have finally paid off. More than the fun, like that of other types of parties, a graduation party offers memories that last a lifetime.

As a matter of fact, events as important as graduations shouldn’t be postponed or canceled, but social distancing due to COVID-19 led schools in different states to do precisely that. And unfortunately, commencement is called off for many in the class of 2020.

Significant events such as Commencement Exercises are getting pushed back indefinitely as the world works to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Many high schools and colleges are compelled to cancel or curtail graduation ceremonies.

While chances are your community won’t be surprised if you cancel graduation, expect that there are bound to be many disappointments. Students who’ve worked so hard to accomplish their academic goals will feel denied of a worthy celebration. And that is why some schools are exploring “virtual” alternatives that have not been considered prior to the virus outbreak.

Schools have now resorted to the Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

Thankfully, through virtual graduation, students can now enjoy a lasting and memorable graduation party. One that family and friends all around the globe can participate in, and even those who wouldn’t be able to attend a traditional graduation party otherwise.

We understand that it won’t have the same impact as in-person graduation. But holding a ceremony on the same day can still be done. We encourage you and your team to plan ahead and get alternative celebrations in place so that your graduates feel celebrated. If possible, you can also solicit input from your graduates or their parents so you have an idea of how they want to celebrate and how they want to make their most awaited day memorable.

We, at Greco Promotions, have product solutions to congratulate graduates on their accomplishment.

We offer virtual graduation kits that can put your new graduates in a celebratory vibe and can make them feel that their years of toil and sweat are applauded.

With these kits, you have given them a chance to have a special commencement day wherever they are.

We can fully customize a virtual graduation kit for you in which you can incorporate your school’s emblem and colors and your other preferences.

The above virtual graduation gift kits can help schools like yours celebrate and honor graduates, while cultivating among them a continued spirit of loyalty to their Alma Mater even years beyond commencement. 

COVID-19 has forever changed our world. And your decisions now, including how you handled graduation ceremonies, will have the power to impact not just the batch of graduating students you have in the present but also the success of your school in the future.

Keep up with the times and let’s discuss your virtual graduation solutions now.

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