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Thinking about how to maximize the impact of your promotional products?

Maybe you just have to tap into the power of color selection in boosting the effectiveness of your promotional item.

Promotional products are tangible representations of your company’s brand, and colors play an extremely critical role in branding, which means you better get the color(s) right!

Marketers, advertisers, and graphic designers have long known that color plays a crucial role in the success of any marketing campaign. The psychology of color can be applied to all of your marketing initiatives—including your promotional products.

Research shows that 80% of consumers think color enhances brand recognition. This is no wonder when you consider the amount of famous, instantly-recognizable brand colors out there.

In fact, according to a recent study, those belonging to the top companies in the world spend billions in the color market research to be able to come up with the most effective product packaging development. The most successful companies have developed such a distinct brand identity that consumers can immediately associate certain colors with their companies.

Promotional products are excellent brand-building tools, but in order to utilize them successfully, you have to pick the right product for the right target audience. Moreover, the right design is also essential, which is why it is so important to have an understanding of how to use color effectively.

So, as you think of the most appropriate colors for your next promotional campaign, keep in mind these few key considerations: 

1. Understand Your Target Audience

If you understand precisely who your target audience is, you will not only choose the most appropriate promotional products to give to them but specifically those that visually appeal to them. Different colors will elicit different emotions and messages within different demographics and cultures.


2. Be Consistent With Corporate Identity

When choosing a color scheme, make sure your colors are aligned with the image of your brand. Think of the best color that could represent your brand personality and the characteristics of your products or services. You can use the colors of your company swag to send a powerful message about your brand personality.

Choose colors and designs that align with how you want people to see your brand. By selecting a company swag that aligns perfectly with your brand colors, you’re reinforcing your brand in the recipient’s mind.


3. Consider Your Competitors

Observe your main competitors and find out what sorts of color schemes they are using, and dare to choose the opposite. However, it’s important to stay true to your brand as you do this. In this way, you can differentiate yourself from the crowd, thus eliminating the perception that you are simply jumping on the bandwagon.

Remember that in branding, it’s all about being memorable.

You may have been tempted to simply resort to your personal color preferences when ordering your promotional products before. But this is now your chance to give it serious thought.

The right color can play a big factor in encouraging consumers to buy or keep your promotional products.

So before you place your order for advertising products, consider how color is used by some of the biggest brands and corporations in the world today. Understanding the psychology of colors can determine how you can maximize the effectiveness of your promotional items.

Integrating the psychology of colors in the design of your next company swag can help elicit a lasting and positive response from your recipients. Understanding the psychological effects in humans of certain colors can increase the effectiveness of your company’s branding methods.


Remember, the Right Colors Will Help You Sell

Data shows that 85% of consumers have confirmed that color was the leading reason for buying a particular product. A promotional product, which color is carefully chosen, cannot only help you differentiate your company from the competition but also affect in a positive sense the way your consumers perceive your brand.

When done right, good color choices can truly communicate your brand’s message and make your brand’s personality shine through.

If you are not sure which color would best suit your brand, we at Greco Promotions will be happy to help you. We have over 20 years of experience providing highly-effective promotional products.

You might want to check our extensive range of promotional products available in a wide range of colors at grecopromotions.com.

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