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Fun Facts You May Not Know About Black History Month and What You Can Do to Commemorate!

Each February, we observe Black History Month in respect and recognition of the contributions that African Americans have made to American history in their battles for equality. However, February hasn’t always been dedicated to honoring Black History, in fact the celebration started out as a week of education before it was recognized as a national observance. Here’s 4 fun facts about the storyline of how we started to honor Black History, why it’s in February, what it all means and how you can celebrate! 


The story began in 1915, just 50 years after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States, when Carter G. Woodson, the Father of Black History, and Minister Jesse Moorland founded what’s now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.  In 1926, after years of African American historical contributions, Carter G. Woodson initiated the first celebration referred to as “Negro History Week” which started to encourage African American history in organizations and schools. 


In 1926 “Negro History Week” began to be celebrated the second week of February. Why February? It was symbolic in honor of two public figures’ February birthdays who contributed significantly to African American liberation and civil rights: Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas. Lincoln, who was born February 12, issued the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves, and Douglas, who celebrated his birthday February 14 an escaped slave, activist, and leader in the abolitionist movement. 


In the late 1950s, the civil rights movement escalated the fight for equality and freedom for African Americans and people of color, nearly 100 years after abolishing slavery in the United States. This era was a time of progressive change and social movements throughout the United States; by the 1960’s civil rights emerged into a crucial issue then on July 2, 1964, the Civil Rights Act was passed, which was a massive step towards equality. During this time, the teaching of black culture and literature increased, and the entire month of February became a celebration of Black History. From then on, cities began to honor this month-long celebration; however, in 1976, President Gerald Ford officially declared February as Black History Month, a national observance also known as African American History Month. 


Since Gerald Ford officially declared in 1976, every American president has honored February as Black History Month and formally appointed a specific theme each year. 

The Black History Month theme of 2021 being “Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity,” chosen to explore the African diaspora and the spread of Black families across the United States.


The best way to commemorate Black History month is to get involved. Educate yourself and others about history, celebrate equality and promote unity! Whether it’s your children, colleagues, or community, learn the history, share the story. Greco Promotions has an abundance of customizable products and predesigned commemorative pieces designed to celebrate, educate and honor Black History Month.

Below is a list of some of our top 5 products.

1.    Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lapel Pin

 Affordable handout is ideal for Black History Month and for remembering Martin Luther King Jr. Jewelry-quality metal lapel pin with enamel finish Great for students and adults.


2.    Celebrate Black History: Believe, Achieve, Succeed Laminated Tag With 4″ Chain

Colorful, laminated tag features an affirmative Black History Month message for every recipient Comes with a 4″ beaded chain for affixing to backpacks 25 Tags per pack; comes unassembled https://www.grecopromotions.com/p/FLSIG-MSQOP/celebrate-black-history-believe-achieve-succeed-laminated-tag-with-4-chain

3. Discovering African American History Coloring Book

Learn the proud history of African-Americans with the Discovering African American History Coloring and Activity Book. Through 16 pages of coloring, games and activities, children learn about great African Americans throughout history. Recommended for children ages 3 and up. Ideal for schools, libraries, museums, and black history month. Don’t Forget the Crayons! Complies with ASTM. 8″ W x 10.5″ https://www.grecopromotions.com/p/DKSNB-FRMQU/discovering-african-american-history-coloring-book

4. Triumph® African-American Heritage Barack Obama Calendar

Celebrate the accomplishments of distinguished African-Americans with this educational calendar featuring President Barack Obama on the cover. This is sure to be a keepsake for years to come. 11″ W x 19″ H https://www.grecopromotions.com/p/FMZKC-LZHDF/triumph-african-american-heritage-barack-obama-calendar

5. 101 African-American Achievements That Shaped America Educational Activities Book – Personalized


Discusses 101 significant contributions made by African Americans over 300 years of history From milestones in the struggle for freedom to the cure for motion sickness to jazz, children will learn that African Americans have changed our nation for the better in many ways Add your custom imprint to the front cover 16 pages For grades 3-5 https://www.grecopromotions.com/p/UFQPK-MLOTD/101-african-american-achievements-that-shaped-america-educational-activities-book—personalized

Black history is more pertinent than ever. Our collection of unique gifts and giveaways helps you inspire, honor, and celebrate African American history and achievement plus promote kindness in your schools, business, and communities. From educational activities, books, and bookmarks to pencils, and posters highlighting outstanding black leaders and significant events, Greco Promotions cost-effective Black History Month items provide everything you need to promote education and inspiration to celebrate Black History all year long. Visit https://www.grecopromotions.com to begin customizing your products today!

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