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April has come to an end. As the clouds part and the spring buds begin to bloom, we are reminded of a favorite quote, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” Happy May! 

There is nothing better than anticipating the warmth ahead. The sun wraps its arms around us, the green surrounds us, and the rainbow of colors emerge. Break out of the winter fog and shake off those rainy day blues. It’s time to welcome May and embrace Mother Nature’s gifts; better yet, share her magnificence with those around you! 

5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Nature

Gardening reduces stress anxiety. Gifts that ease the mind psychologically tend to play a positive role in the relationship between the receiver/giver, which impacts the association between the two. When it comes to building a business relationship, this is a crucial element. That’s why the gift of greenery is a great way to start!

Flowers/Herbs enhance beauty and aroma in the environment. Work can be daunting sometimes, especially when you’re stuck in a cubicle or small office. What better way to dress up a dreary room? Motivate employees or clients and add a botanic accent to their space! This Blossom Kit adds an undeniable verdant sensibility to just about any indoor space. This scaled-down version of the ideal window box planter comes with everything required to begin growing your very own indoor garden.

Gardening connects us to nature which is therapeutic. When you encourage someone to grow their garden from seed to plant, it says hey I believe in you! We offer colorful, fully customizable Seed Packets and Growables Planters! 

Standard Seed Packets are printed in full color to communicate your message—a great handout at any event or included in a direct mailer. Choose from 42 high-quality flower vegetable and herb varieties, including many available seeds as USDA organic.


New Colorful Planter! Our fertile fiber pot is 100% organic, sustainable, biodegradable (made from spruce wood, manufactured without glue or binders), and ready to place outside the soil. Water, air, and roots will penetrate the walls of the fertile pot, so there is no need for drainage holes-the natural root structure that develops helps in plant growth. Includes one soil pod and the seed packet of your choice.

A constant reminder of “the giver.” Plants can be long-lasting, and since they need to be tended to daily, this creates consistency which will leave a lasting impression on the receiver. Make your name/logo is visible and they will always think of you! 

Indoor plants can help purify the air; not only are plants and flowers eco-friendly, but they also increase oxygen levels and reduce carbon dioxide levels. According to NASA research, indoor plants remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours. What better way to show you care? 

Not ready to give the gift of nature but know someone with a Green Thumb? Help them step up their gardening with customized tools. Three must-haves are a Planting Shovel, Gardening Gloves, and Watering Can, but don’t stop there! Greco offers an assortment of fully customizable garden products from hats, starter kits, planters, seeds to complete garden tool sets

Ready to give the gift of nature? Let one of our Sales Associates help you. If you’re looking for suggestions to fit your budget, reach out anytime to [email protected]. One of our top marketing executives will respond right away with ideas JUST FOR YOU!

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