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In general, companies are all aware of crisis management, but the global scale and continued uncertainty brought by COVID-19 is a first for all of us.

If you are a small to a medium-sized business owner or a marketer in any company, you may be asking – how should we be marketing right now?, or rather, SHOULD we even be marketing right now?

Well, a big YES is a straight answer. There’s no better time than now to continue your marketing.

Why? Simply because the financial and economic impact may linger far beyond the actual health crisis. So it’s important to ensure that your capable consumers still continue to buy and that those who aren’t still build a relationship with your brand through this time.  

Online Stores Will Help You Market to Consumers in a Time like this

If you think that creating a high-quality online store is just another good idea for your business, well you’re probably unaware of the benefits an Online Store can bring.

An online company store is a one-stop-shop for employees and consumers to freely purchase fashionable company merchandise at their leisure through the use of a simple online platform.

Today, having an online company store is not just good for any business, but it’s in fact a crucial one. If you’re not offering your products in a way that’s accessible to your consumers, your competition probably is. As the e commerce expectations of consumers are at record highs and still rising, your lack of e-commerce can and will most likely hurt your bottom line.

In a time like this when fear of getting outside is rampant and when buying journeys are generally remote, having an online store makes your business offerings attractive to consumers who are prioritizing convenience and safety. Thus, it is imperative to be in the online store game. 

1. Online Stores Will Be Your Back-Up Revenue Stream

A backup revenue stream provides a safety net of liquid cash as COVID-19 continues to cause economic instability.

An online store brings earnings to your business without necessitating a number of physical or human resources to keep it running. 

2. Online Stores Boost Brand Recognition

If you want to double down on your brand equity, explore creating a spirit store, corporate store, or fundraising store.

If you offer quality products that your target consumers can resonate with, they will eventually create a psychological association between your brand and their new favorite swag. If you utilize an online company store internally, you’ll also be able to boost that same recognition and highlight a sense of company pride among your staff.

3. Online Stores Are Easy To Set Up With Minimal Maintenance

To be able to build an online store today, there is no coding training courses, no salaried engineers, and no headache required. You aren’t even obliged to understand WordPress back end databases or spend time finding someone who does. In simplest terms, you can get into the online sales game overnight.

Online stores also have the added advantage of a streamlined process. It organizes your orders, customer services, and backend finances automatically. And, because hosting is virtual, your brand and products are in front of the consumer 24/7, yet nobody from your company is stuck in an email chain or answering the phone to confirm item numbers and addresses with a customer.

Companies like Greco Promotions can offer appealingly online stores specifically custom-made to your industry.

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4. Online Store Sells More Because of Ease of Access

More than ever, American consumers are more focused on convenience and accessibility. So, if your company offers a shirt, your customer expects that when they go online at 3 am (nobody has to be physically staffed at that time), they can still immediately select the size they want, enter their address with a form that is probably auto-filled, and finally, they click submit. The process from selection to checkout, should be doable in less than a minute.

You actually drive the way you do business by maintaining an easy-to-access online store because you are sending a message to your customers that their convenience matters. And, so they’ll be more likely to engage with you, again and again, leading to brand loyalty and an increase in customer lifetime value.

5. Online Company Store Controls Branding

Brand consistency takes you to the next level in marketing. Branding consistently will lead to higher visibility and more revenue.

However, you may likely struggle with brand consistency if your company has multiple locations and is employing several vendors with dissimilar logo files, with no formal approval process for the item.

Online company stores make uniform ordering a simple process when you have employees or customers who need to source merchandise. Approved items can be made available to designated employees. Building a brand will require considerable investment and time. Managing your uniform programs with an online company stores is a cost-effective branding option.

6. Online Store Drives Fundraising


Besides the convenience, monetary, and brand benefit reasons to start living that online sales life, the fundraising capabilities of online stores should also be a strong enough rationale to start one. Fundraising campaigns are a fast and affordable way to raise funds for your business and/or its employees using the power of branded merchandise.

If you’re thinking of launching a fundraising campaign for your business, You can do so with an online company= store run by third-party operators (in this instance, Greco Promotions). Just pick a few products for your store and promote the store to your customers, employees, and community. The highlight is that there’s no inventory purchase upfront or fulfillment of products on your end. Greco Promotions will handle the rest. A portion of your organization’s profits from the merchandise sale can be used to help your organization and/or its employees in this time of crisis.

This pandemic has been a time when fundraising has been more prevalent and necessary. With an online storefront, it will be easier for anyone to do some good in this fallen world.

Aside from doing some community-based good, initiatives like this improve your brand image and client relationships. Through fundraising, you show your target consumers that you care on a higher level. Bonus is, this also works to boost staff morale, because working with fundraisers and giving is one surefire way to boost happiness. 

Sell Smarter! Launch Your Online Store Now!

As you understand the six ways an online store saves your marketing strategies during COVID19, utilizing e-commerce stores becomes a no-brainer.

We, at Greco Promotions, essentially do all the work to offer you the best online store solutions. We know you need to focus on the more important issues to enhance your company’s productivity, so we take care of the logistics like inventory, incorporating brands, and shipping. Being a reputable distributor of promotional items for over two decades, we also offer you a wide selection of promotional products.

Every customer wants e-commerce convenience as an option, and every business should be meeting that expectation. CONTACT US TODAY and we’ll help you adjust your marketing strategies according to the rapid changes caused by the pandemic.

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