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Another school year means another opportunity to market your school to prospective enrollees, as well as to your current students, teachers and employees.

With prospective and current students in mind, you can brand almost any merchandise that they would appreciate. In choosing branded products to give away, though,it’s important to consider their lifestyle, study habits and the mission of the school.

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To help you figure out the best promotional products for the education industry, here’s a roundup of our top 10 most popular branded educational products: 

#1: Student Planners 

Student planners come in different colors, designs and sizes, but for students who love student planners, they can mean only one thing: getting themselves organized and ready for school!

By giving away these promotional products in your schools, you’re not only delighting students with free items, but also promoting the value of time management, prioritization and good planning in achieving students’ goals in school, at home and later in the workplace.

#2. Silicon Bracelet 

Schools are the best places to initiate awareness campaigns on issues that matter, including environmental awareness, anti-bullying, inclusion and diversity. These types of campaigns are carried out throughout the entire school year.

For the students, wearing silicon bracelets with the key message of an awareness campaign is one of the best ways to spread the ideas and get people to remember your advocacy.

#3. Notepad with sticky notes

While many students prefer to plan their days, months and year, some get attracted to making their notes organized and their to-do list neatly arranged in their notebooks.

So notebooks with sticky notes and flags will make a great back-to-school giveaway to encourage organization and note-taking and eventually success in their academic and non-academic endeavors.

#4 Pen Flash Drives

A campus is a place where people exchange information and data including documents, music, images and presentations all the time to promote learning and collaboration.

You can help the academic community increase collaboration among faculty and students by giving away pen flash drives. With this promotional product, you can never go wrong. It’s going to be a  big plus if you personalize this item for the students.

#5. Stylus pens 

Promotional writing instruments are owned by 90% of consumers.  And in school, students are generally technology lovers who surely love stylus, a type of pen with a round rubber piece on its tip to enable it to be used in touchscreen devices.

Stylus pens are great giveaways to students all year round. Pens are almost a necessity in schools, and stylus pens are the new pens in tech lovers’ bags! 


#6. Lanyards

Lanyards are classic and a commonplace in schools. But it’s very powerful in reinforcing brand recognition and recall. As long as the students wear your custom logo lanyards, your school will continue to gain impressions.

If you’re giving away lanyards, be sure to consider quality and attractiveness. Cotton lanyards could be your best choice. Give it away during seminars, training, school events and especially as back-to-school, welcome gifts to your students!

#7. Vacuum Bottles

Drinkware is timeless and one of the most popular promotional products. Why? Everybody uses drinkware indoor or outdoor. Next to writing instruments, drinkware is the 2nd most owned promotional product in the US, based on ASI’s Global Impressions Study of 2019.

Vacuum insulated bottles, which come in various colors, are your best choice as it keeps the beverage hot or cold.

#8. Drawstring Backpacks

Functional and trendy, promotional products that are also durable can go a long way. According to ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study in 2019, quality, utility and attractiveness are the top reasons consumers keep branded merchandise.

Students who are always on-the-go for their school performances and academic requirements will appreciate a drawstring backpacks with your school logo. 


#9. Hand Sanitizer

In schools, you want students to spread ideas and share their knowledge, but you wouldn’t want them to spread germs, especially during the cold season.

That’s where giving away handy hand sanitizers comes in. Promote good health and encourage being health-conscious through this effort. 


#10. Webcam Cover

Webcam covers are not just for those in the offices. Students also spend a lot of time in front of their laptops. And as FBI recommends, users should be covering their laptop’s webcam “for good reason.”

Promote the value of security and safety by giving away trendy webcam covers. Giving this away could be tied up with an awareness campaign that reinforces digital literacy or social media usage in school and at home. 


Which activities complement the use of promotional products?

Almost all school events and information literacy campaigns including school fundraising, academic award ceremonies, National Teacher Appreciation Day, History Month, National Library Week, back-to-school week, Career Week, to name a few.  


Integrating the use of promotional products in your educational or marketing campaigns within or outside of the school can have a huge impact on your prospective students’ level of awareness, especially as educational institutions already have high credibility.


With a little bit of planning and some creativity, you can make your info campaigns and school events much more interesting and fun for students by providing swags that they would want to keep all year round!

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