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“Promotional products are the most high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium around.” — ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study 2019


Here are some interesting stats on promotional USBs:


  • 58% of consumers own promotional USBs.
  • A promo USB that costs $5 will have a CPI of only 7/10 of a cent per impression! 
  • 43% of consumers keep a promo USB drive for 2 years or longer.
  • On average, promo USBs are kept for 13 months.
  • 47% of consumers would give away the promo USB drive if they didn’t want it.
  • Promotional USBs generate 700 impressions over their lifetime.

Source: Global Ad Impressions Study 2019 by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)


**This video is part of Greco Promotions’ #PromoProductsWork2019 campaign. If you want to learn more about the power of promotional products and branded apparel in marketing your business, contact us at [email protected]

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