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In a world where people have been talking about digital marketing, social media, PPC, search engine optimization or SEO, and content marketing, one thing about marketing strategies remains strong, and that is the power of promotional products.

The basic concept of marketing hasn’t changed through the years. Relevancy, usefulness to the customer and product quality remain to be the critical factors in encouraging consumers to do business with your brand.

To maximize the impact of your marketing efforts using branded apparel or promotional products, avoid these top three mistakes that most marketers make:

So the next time you plan to use promotional products as part of your marketing mix, here are the three top mistakes to avoid to ensure maximum returns on your marketing investment:

✘ Choosing items that are IRRELEVANT to their brand and to their target consumers.

✘ Choosing items with the LOWEST PRICE to save money.

✘ Choosing items that are NOT USEFUL to their target consumers

To avoid these common mistakes, make sure you have clear marketing goals, well-thought-out distribution plans and specific results expected.

Don’t make these mistakes — again. Contact us for advice on the most cost-effective promo products for your marketing or branding campaigns: [email protected]


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