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The financial services industry comprises businesses in several sub-sectors including banking, asset management, insurance, venture capital and private equity.

Financial service businesses include the following: Accounting firms, auditing firms, banks, bookkeeping companies, business brokers, credit agencies, credit card companies, credit unions, insurance companies, investment firms and mortgage companies.

Just like most industries, one of the major challenges of the financial industry is building brand awareness and educating their target customers about their products and services.

If you’re helping financial business companies build brand awareness, win new clients and retain current clients, here’s how you can leverage display marketing and promotional products to achieve your marketing goals:


#1. Use retractable banners to highlight services or promote new branch locations

Highlight your services or promote new branch locations using retractable banners with attention-grabbing, full-color graphics.


Retractable banners are cost-effective marketing displays that can be used both indoor and outdoor. Because retractable banners are easy to set up, you can place them temporarily in areas like lobbies or reception areas.

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#2. Set up Micro GeoMetrix and standard table throw in your fundraising activities and other promotional events


Make the most out of your fundraisers and promotional events with the display combo Micro GeoMetrix and standard table throw.


Micro GeoMetrix is a compact display combo that is easy to travel with. Get noticed by being creative with your imprint options on the table throw covers.

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#3 Go for DeLuxe GeoMetrix, a three-dimensional pop-up with various graphic panel shapes, for your trade shows

If you’d like to be more creative, you can create your own custom configuration with DeLuxe GeoMetrix, a 3D pop-up with a variety of graphic panel shapes.

These are easy to move and can make your booths at trade shows more attractive. You can also place these in lobbies and reception areas to get the attention of those who visit your headquarters and offices.

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#4 Choose brightly colored banners and flags to promote your services

Brightly colored banners and flags are promising marketing displays that can attract people’s attention. Use them to provide information about your services.


Consider easy-to-hang banners and flags with full-color graphics. Your conference rooms, lobbies, meeting spaces and corporate headquarters will never look the same with these creative banners and flags.

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#5 Place sign displays for permanent or temporary use in lobbies, meeting areas and building entrances

Attract more foot traffic with lightweight sign displays that are easy to set up and great for indoor and outdoor marketing purposes.

If you’re constantly searching for portable displays for interior or point-of-purchase marketing needs, sign displays are perfect for both temporary or permanent use. Place them in meeting spaces and building entrances.

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#6 Draw the attention of passing traffic using high-impact sail signs in a parking lot or at the entryway of your building

There’s no better way to attract the attention of passing traffic than using high-impact sail signs that with full-color graphics.

This comes in various styles and shapes from 6’ to 17’ tall. Make your parking lot and your building’s entryway with attention-grabbing sail signs!

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#7 Let your prospects experience quality designs at their feet when they walk their way to your trade shows, building entrances and lobbies.

With floor hugger mats, you can welcome your prospects and current customers with quality designs at their feet.

Floor hugger and storm mats are perfect for your building entrances and lobbies. These are also great for trade shows.

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Image credit and reference: Showdown Displays

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